Michael Di Lonardo

Michael Di Lonardo is a designer, a music producer, an animal lover based in Montreal, Canada.

Launch Date: July 2016
Project Duration: 4 weeks
Project Status: Ongoing working relationship
Details: Design, development, marketing, seo

Project Overview

Michael is not only one of the most talented guys I’ve ever known, he has evolved into a good friend. Michael wanted a mobile-friendly platform that was simple to navigate, and one that could also efficiently showcase his design, VFX, and music work.

If you haven’t had the chance to check his work out, you need to. Especially his VFX work. This guy will be famous one day. No doubts.

“I already had a brief idea of how I wanted to approach my website, but once Patrick and I started talking, I realized the endless options that he could offer me. At the end of the day, he always got it done.”


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