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I love to share everything I learn. Marketing strategies, favorite apps, website performance insight, and even some design and development tips for my fellow web designers. Stay tuned, the goods are on their way!


An Inactive Website is a Worthless Website

Too many businesses are having websites built, only to let them wither away and die. I’m going to discuss a better option, which if applied, will bring massive results.


How I 3X’D My Income In One Year

For years, I repeated many of the same actions that produced the same results, and because of this, my business failed to scale. But with a few adjustments, I was able to 3X my income in under a year.


Boost Local SEO with Google My Business

It’s not easy to stand out in your crowded marketplace. But there’s a tool that can help you stand out on a local level, and it’s called Google My Business. And here’s the greatest part: less than 50% of businesses are utilizing this powerful SEO tool — giving your business a real edge. Here are a few reasons why you need to get started!