About Patrick

I’ve been a creative person my entire life. You name it, and I’ve likely dabbled in it. Illustrating, painting, airbrushing, and nowadays, Web Design & Development. The past nine years has been a wild ride. I’ve evolved from a web designer, to what I like to refer to as a hybrid web specialist. I wear a lot of hats on any given day, and it’s what makes my job so exciting. I have continued to learn, grow, and scale my web business into what it is today. But I haven’t done it alone.

I’ve been lucky to have been mentored (and inspired) by some incredible artists, developers, and influencers over the years. Did I mention that I’m also married to a brilliant woman? Yep, I married up. I also borrow powerful work ethics, techniques, disciplines, ideologies, and strategies from people of all walks. Truth-be-told, I’m a very competitive person, and I aim to be the best at anything I do. Renown author and entrepreneur, Seth Godin says that a freelancer should strive to be in a category of his or her own. A category of ONE.

We might be a small operation, but we have big goals. As the owner and lead developer, I want to inspire my team to do their best work. I want my clients to feel as if their project is our number one priority. And I want to set the standard so high that every day is a win on some level. This isn’t just how I run my business — it’s how I live my life.