About Patrick

I’ve been a creative person my entire life. You name it, and I’ve likely dabbled in it. Illustrating, painting, airbrushing, and nowadays, Web Design. The past nine years has been a wild ride. I’ve evolved from a web designer, to what I like to refer to as a hybrid web specialist. I can’t even count how many hats I wear on a given day, and it’s what makes my job so exciting. I have continued to learn, grow, and scale my web business into what it is today. But I haven’t done it alone.

I’ve been lucky to have been mentored (and inspired) by some incredible artists, developers, and influencers over the years. People whom I’ve borrowed powerful work ethics, techniques, disciplines, ideologies, and strategies from. Truth-be-told, I’m a very competitive person, and I aim to be the best at anything I do. Renown author and entrepreneur, Seth Godin says that a freelancer should strive to be in a category of his or her own. A category of ONE.

Creative minds think alike, because like Seth, I only compete with one; myself. It doesn’t matter if I’m creating a logo or building a website for a multimillion dollar company, I enter what they refer to as a Deep Work state for any project. The goal is to create something memorable — whether it’s a work of art or an experience.

While Headbent Creations would be considered a small operation by some, it’s a mighty one nevertheless. I have remote experts in place for when I need some assistance, and I’m an absolute machine, myself. There’s a kicker though. My work has to be meaningful, and the only way for this to play out is for you to genuinely care about your business. If you don’t take pride in your business, how can I do my best work?

That being said, I only take on work that matters. Work that doesn’t just benefit you, but work that ultimately contributes to my skillset on some level. Work that challenges me to perform at a high level.

This is how I maintain my position of being in a category of ONE.